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My writing career started with a kick-ass sci-fi picture book I wrote for a project in 3rd grade. I asked for blank books for Christmas for the next ten years or so, but I didn’t get much writing done in those ten years. Then I started journaling and rapping.

Rapping led me to poetry. Poetry has been the most interesting genre for me to write over the last few years, but I still keep a dedicated dream journal, a lazy weekly journal, and I still dabble around in fiction from time to time. I’m proud to have been published in a number of literary journals since my 3rd grade project.



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Archivist – Historian

Archives is my day job. I’m the Ulster County archivist and City of Kingston historian. Our archives go back to 1658, and Kingston was the first capital of New York State, so I’m one of the lucky people who has a job they legitimately enjoy. It’s not where I expected my life to take me and I’m still learning how to be a historian.

I was appointed city historian in 2019 after a recommendation by the prior historian, the legendary 101-year-old (at the time) Ed Ford. I have big shoes to fill.

First Ulster Militia, Persen House, 2019

All of my film experience is the direct result of my friendship with the brilliant video artist Josef Wakeman. We were kindergarten classmates who grew up writing comic books, music, and movies together from 1st grade through high school. 

I have co-starred in Josef’s two feature-length projects, They Read By Night and The Shoplifters. He generously granted me story credits for both, but really he did all the hard work – I just accompanied him on long walks and helped with brainstorming. These two projects have been two of the most fun projects I’ve ever been a part of in my life. 

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